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Bracelet Force Protect

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The Force Protect bracelet is 100% natural and harmless to the skin:
It is composed of 8 essential oils: lemongrass, tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus, artemisia, citron, chamomile, and peppermint.

A bracelet used in the tropics

The Force Protect bracelet has already proven itself in the areas most infested by mosquitoes and other parasites. Its continuous protection offers an advantage over the classic spray that must be constantly applied.

To protect the youngest naturally

The adjustable bracelet fits all wrists. It creates a protective field of 1.5m to effectively and naturally repel mosquitoes and parasites. No more toxic products on the skin. Usable from 2 years on the wrist. Possibility of attaching to the stroller before this age.

Protection in all circumstances

Once on the wrist, you can finally enjoy without worrying about mosquito bites. During your sleep, your activities and even at the beach (the bracelet is waterproof).

Finally have peaceful nights

Protect the whole family and enjoy peaceful nights. At home, in the forest or camping, your days and nights will be different thanks to the Force Protect bracelet.